Introduction to GLMoM

GLMoM is an electromagnetic field simulation software which uses Method of Moments and Green's functions for multilayered medium.

GLMoM can solve 4 types of problems:

GLMoM considers the structure to be simulated as objects in an 'environment'. GLMoM currently is capable of simulating two types of environment:

GLMoM uses Green's functions to account for environment effect and does not mesh environment. It only meshes the objects. Currently it can simulate PEC objects.

Generally a simulation includes the following steps:

  1. Generating a triangular mesh for the objects. This can be done by executing a meshing script in GLMoM, or using other softwares and export to GLMoM by using RAW file format.

  2. Setting the medium (enviroment) in which the objects reside. For multilayered medium, you can set the parameters for each layer, save them as a .med file, or load an existent .med file. You can also specify the algorithms for calculating the Green's functions and their parameters.

  3. Specifying the excitation

  4. Doing simulation. You can specify the frequency range to sweep for the structures excited by voltage sources or microstrip lines. The s-parameters are saved in Touchstone format.

  5. Post-processing. You can display the current distribution, charge distribution and the electric field.