GLMoM: Method-of-Moments EM Field Simulator



Simulating scattering of arbitrarily shaped metal objects
Simulating arbitrarily shaped metal antennas excited by delta-gap voltage source
Importing RAW files (triangular mesh)
Modeling of surfaces by triangular mesh (using RWG basis functions)
Calculating input impedance of antennas
Creating simple geometrical objects
Data visualization through animation (displaying current and charge)
Frequency sweep for scattering or impedance problem
Modeling multilayered medium by using Green's functions and DCIM (included in mlgreen)
Using OpenGL 3D graphics API for geometry and data visualization
Using Win32/MFC as GUI


Creating 3D objects by sweeping and lathing
Creating fractal antennas
Creating complicated geometries by scripting
Calculating S-parameters for microstrip line fed structures


Scattering of a circular patch (v1.1)
Radiation of a dipole excited by a delta-gap voltage source (v1.1)
Printed Hilbert antenna (v1.11)
Meshes generated by scripting (v1.11)
Double stub bandpass filter (v1.11)

Sample Results and Benchmark

Double stub bandpass filter (v1.11)


Source codes and binaries can be downloaded from GLMoM Project Files Page


  1. This package also contains mlgreen, which is a GUI calculator for Green's functions for multilayered medium.
  2. You need Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 to compile the source codes. You need to add momlib and lib to the include and lib directory of Visual Studio.
  3. To run the programs, you need to put those dll's included in the package in the same folder as the programs, or put those dll's in the path.


GLMoM v1.11.02 documents
Old documents: A short tutorial for GLMoM1.1.


Access GLMoM CVS tree through web

anonymous CVS access (read only):
cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P empack

developer CVS access via SSH(read/write):
export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -z3 co -P empack


00/04/28 Project begin.
00/04/29 Set up project homepage.
00/05/02 Set up CVS tree
00/05/02 Release GLMoM1.1
04/04/30 Release GLMoM1.11


GLMoM project page at sourceforge: Forum, mailing-list, bug report, etc.
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